What Pediatric Dental Treatments Are Available?
By Nolan R Behr DDS
April 07, 2016
Category: Oral Health

What you need to know about pediatric dental treatments

You want your child to have great dental care, and you’re wondering what services are available to take care of your child’s smile. You pediatric dentistryshould bring your child in for their first visit within 6 months of when you see a first tooth erupting, or by the time your child is one-year-old. This is because decay can happen fast, and very early. Dr. Nolan Behr, your family dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offers a full range of services to care for your child’s teeth and smile.

A comfortable, relaxing first appointment is critical to your child’s health. Dr. Behr and his staff are committed to creating a positive, nurturing experience for your child. Some of the preventive dental services Dr. Behr recommends include:

  • A professional dental cleaning- performed by Dr. Behr’s highly-skilled staff; your child’s teeth will be polished and cleaned of all soft and hard deposits and stains. Your child will also be taught the benefits of great self-care and given the tools to have a healthy mouth into adulthood.
  • A topical fluoride treatment- usually done after the cleaning; fluoride works to strengthen your child’s tooth enamel by actually incorporating itself into the mineral matrix of your child’s teeth, increasing resistance to decay.

Dental sealants- placed on the deep crevices and grooves of the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth to prevent decay; dental sealants provide a protective shield against bacteria, plaque, and food reaching decay-prone areas.

Sometimes in spite of all preventive treatment, your child may get decay. Dr. Behr wants you to know that he offers a full range of treatments to bring your child’s teeth back to health. Pediatric dental services available include:

  • Bonding- to repair small chips or cracks, using composite, a tooth-colored resin material
  • Fillings- to repair decayed areas in your child’s teeth; these can be either metal (amalgam) or composite
  • Root canal treatment- to remove diseased tissue from inside your child’s tooth, relieve pain, and increase the chance of saving your child’s tooth

Your child deserves the best dental care available, which is why you should call Dr. Nolan Behr, your family dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Discover more about how pediatric dental services can help your child’s teeth and smile. Call today!