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  • Missing Teeth? Dentures May Be Right For You
    If you are considering a denture, you might be wondering about the different options to choose from. What will work best for you? Which one should you choose? These are Read more
  • How Pediatric Dental Treatment Can Benefit Your Child
    Are you uncertain why visiting Dr. Nolan Behr for pediatric dental treatment in Colorado Springs, CO, is so important? You're not alone. Many parents don't understand why this type of Read more
  • Don’t Wait To Replace Teeth
    There is a wide range of reasons why people lose their teeth; however, the most common causes are having a bad diet and poor oral hygiene. It is important that Read more
  • The Benefits of Our Family Dentistry Services
    Oral health is super important. Besides its effects on your appearance, your oral wellbeing can reduce the occurrence of infections, heart diseases, and cancers. Family dentists can prevent and solve Read more
  • Finding the Right Type of Dentures
    Dentures are an effective way to restore your smile, as well as tooth functioning. Dentures fill in the gaps where teeth are missing and make it possible to enjoy eating Read more
  • The Dangers of Cavities
    Even the most common dental issues can also cause further complications for your smile. Learn how to protect your smile from cavities! A cavity is the most common dental problem that Read more
  • What Is a Full Mouth Restoration?
    Multiple dental issues don't have to prevent you from having an attractive smile. Your Colorado Springs, CO dentist, Dr. Nolan Behr, can help you improve the appearance and function of Read more
  • Which Denture Is Best for Me?
    Dentures replace missing teeth and come in a variety of forms, depending on the specific issues in your individual situation. Dr. Nolan Behr of Colorado Springs, CO, offers several options: How Read more
  • FAQs about Crowns and Bridges
    Learn about crowns and bridges from your Colorado Springs, CO dentist. A Gallup poll found that up to a third of Americans didn’t visit the dentist’s office in the course of a Read more
  • Maintaining a White Smile
    Avoiding a dull smile is as easy as making a few changes in your habits and scheduling a visit to your Colorado Springs CO dentist, Dr. Nolan Behr. Dr. Behr Read more
  • Teaching Good Oral Hygiene Habits for Your Child
    Good oral hygiene keeps your child's smile bright and healthy. Unfortunately, convincing your children to take good care of their teeth is often much more difficult than it sounds. Thankfully, Read more
  • Your Tooth Replacement Options
    Losing one or more teeth can be stressful and embarrassing, but it's not a common problem for millions of American adults. Tooth loss does more than just ruin your smile, Read more
  • FAQs about Dental Implants
    Do you have some questions from your Colorado Springs, CO, dentist about dental implants? Here are some FAQs   What are dental implants? Dental implants are biocompatible titanium posts that replace missing tooth roots. Read more
  • Save Your Smile with a Root Canal
    Are you dealing with a nagging toothache? In some cases, dental pain can be a direct sign that you are dealing with tooth decay. Luckily, root canal treatment can restore Read more
  • Is Invisalign Right for You?
    Invisalign from your dentists in Villa Park, Illinois can enhance your smile Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment, but is it right for you? Very likely, the answer is YES! Invisalign Read more
  • Types of Dentures Available
    For generations, dentists have replaced missing teeth with dentures. Thankfully, today's dentures are not what your great-grandfather wore. Custom-made for proper fit, bite and appearance, dentures from your Colorado Springs Read more

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